#TA2HL Mechanical Temperature Alert

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Price: $84.95
Part #: TA2HL
Manufacturer: Winland Electronics
Mfr Part #: TA2HL
The economical TA-2HL Mechanical Temp Alert adds reliable and economical temperature protection to your residential or commercial security system. The design can be used anywhere the monitoring of high and low temperature limits is critical. The unit is a special version, which will enable you to separately zone out high and low temperature alarm signals. Simply select an acceptable temperature range by setting the adjustable high and low limits from -30­ to +130­F (-34­ to+54­C). If temperatures in the monitored area rise above or fall below the set limits, the temperature indicator contacts one of the preset limit arms providing a dry contact closure, which can like a switch be used to turn on an existing alarm panel, telephone communicator, or wireless alarm system.

The 1" profile and custom graphics which make it ideal for placement in residential homes, businesses, or other settings where a highly professional appearance is important. In addition, the unit's 15' length of signal cable exits through the back panel so that no wires are visible when the installation is complete. By wiring several Temp Alerts in parallel, it is possible to monitor temperatures in an entire complex.

Important: Install a Temp Alert on every level of your home or business to adequately protect against freezing. Do not use for freezer or cooler monitoring. Instead use a Digital Temp Alert unit with a remote sensor probe.

Typical Applications:
Residential or Vacation Homes
Commercial Buildings
Office and Computer Areas
Unattended Buildings
Greenhouses & Animal Buildings
Buildings with Controlled Climates

Requires no power for operation
Independently adjustable high and low set points
Easily to read temp indicator in ­F or ­C
Provides (2) dry contact closure outputs 1-high alarm, 1-low alarm
Easy surface mount installation
One year parts and labor; subject to conditions of limited warranty.

Low Limit Adjust Range: -30­ to +90­ F (-34­ to +32­ C)
High Limit Adjust Range *: -10­ to +130­ F (-12­ to +54­ C)
Minimum Span (Rec. dist. between high & low set points.): 10­ F (5.6­ C)
Temp/RH Accuracy of Probes: +/-3­ F (+/-1.7­ C)
Temp Response Time: TC= 14 Minutes
Temp Sensing Element: Bi-metallic coil
Outputs (not for high voltage use): Gold Plated N/O dry contacts
Contact Output Rating: 12VDC @ 50mA (not for direct high voltage switching)
Control Box Material: ABS
Weight: 6.0 oz. (170 g)
Dimensions: 6.25" x 3.75" x 1" (15.9 cm x 9.5 cm x 2.5 cm)
Mounting: 2 Key slots in rear panel