We try to ship all orders the same day when time allows and items are in stock. ALL ORDERS received after 1 PM Local time may not ship until the next business day.
SHIPPING AND HANDLING COSTS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE! Items Shipped from and by our distribution partners are sent through their chosen carriers.

Graphic depictions of products are for informational use only and may not always accurately represent that particular product. You are advised to check the specifications listed on the manufacturers website or call them for accurate information on the product in question. We reserve the right to substitute a non-specific product for another manufacturers product of equal or superior value.

All prices are U.S. Dollars. Contact us first for any special shipping methods before you order.

When products are shipped by our distribution partners or the factory themselves, tracking numbers may not always be supplied in a timely basis because of the lag time reporting to us.

Any offer for "free shipping" is for ground U.S. Mail only, to the 48 contiguous states only, at our discretion.
We use distruibution partners for most products and are not aware at any particular time of their current stock.
All products are subject to availability, and prices are subject to change. We reserve the right to cancel orders for any reason. Sometimes we are not aware of a price increase. Please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery of your order REGARDLESS OF SHIPPING METHOD SELECTED, particulary if the order is for a large quantity. We charge your credit card the day the order is processed to keep the process simple. If you cancel your order before shipping, we will issue credit to the card you used.
Orders cancelled based on delivery time will not be honored unless the product did not ship within 30 days of your initial order.  Damage to any product from shipment must be reported directly to the carrier. Any descrepencies in your order must be reported to us within 24 hours of receipt of your package. After that time, it is presumed your order was complete and acceptable.

We can only ship outside the U.S. on orders more than $250 and you agree to pay any import/export taxes imposed by your country upon delivery; and all products are that UL listed are valid for the U.S. only. Some products are meant for use in certain alarm systems by professional technicians.
If you are trying to adapt a product for something other than a standard alarm, please contact us with the description of your project or application before your purchase. Some products may require you to have an appropriate license and/or permit for the state you are installing the equipment.
If your order is being sent out of the U.S. and is over $1000, please fax us a state issued photo ID along with a copy of the credit card used, to help us prevent fraud. Failure to do so will delay your order.
FREE SHIPPING ON CERTAIN Products when offered, is only for that product via USPS only. If you order other items that do not ship free via USPS, then all items will be included in the package with the other items you ordered and will add to the total weight of the entire order to calculate your shipping cost for the whole order. We will not ship items separately.

We are not a "try before you buy" outlet. Our products, in most cases, are highly technical in nature and require some knowledge of electricity, security and/or mechanical installation procedures. Products will not be accepted for return because you cannot operate or correctly install any product or the product does not meet your country's technical requirements. Please do your research before your purchase and/or contact us via email for more information. We are happy to recommend products for your project.
Cameras require illumination for a suitable picture. Doors and door or window frames must be square for hardware to operate correctly.
Item descriptions that include the words, "Lifetime Warranty" are serviced directly with the manufacturer for any warranty issues.

Discount codes must be entered at the time of check out. Please do not ask us to apply discount codes once the order has been entered.