S-Video Balun Converter

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Price: $37.95
Part #: 500016
Manufacturer: MuxLab
Mfr Part #: 500016
The VideoEase S-Video Balun allows one (1) S-Video channel to be connected via two (2) unshielded twisted pairs. Used in pairs, the S-Video Balun is used in home or commercial applications as a smart, fast and cost-effective means of connecting S-Video equipment using twisted pair instead of coax cable. The S-Video Balun may also be used in conjunction with MuxLab's CCTV-Audio/Video Hub (500200) for video distribution to multiple monitors. Ideal for video-conferencing, audio-video distribution, S-Video and other dual audio-video systems.

Features & Benefits
S-Video up to 1000 feet in color via Cat 5 twisted pair
One (1) 4-Pin Mini DIN connector for video
RJ45 for twisted pair
5" cable lead for ease of installation