RF Amplifier-High Head room

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Price: $259.95
Part #: DA550HHR
Manufacturer: Channelplus
Mfr Part #: DA550HHR
The DA-550 series is designed with the highest headroom available in a distribution amplifier. Designed to handle HDTV, the DA-550s can handle an extremely wide range of input signals from NTSC and digital TV. The DA-550 is the heart of a multi-room distribution system with outputs to eight televisions, coax runs up to 150 feet, three inputs, one from a CATV or off-air antenna and two from modulators.

The DA-550BID offers a 5-42 MHz return path for bi-directional communication for use with digital cable interactive set-top boxes. The DA-550HHR is used with high performance antenna applications for off-air digital and NTSC signals.

The DA-550 series offers optional IR control of connected video sources and whole house IR integration with a 12 volt bi-directional IR engine. By adding a 2100A wall plate and a 12 volt target to the coax run of any room and allows IR signals to be routed to either a 2010 wall plate, 5500 series or SVM series modulator or integrated into an existing IR system.

• works with most 12 volt IR systems
• can be expanded to 64 locations for large systems such as schools or sports bars
• DA-550BID is perfect for bi-directional interactive cable systems
• DA-550HHR can be used with off-air antennas or satellite systems
• can be used in locations without electrical access, such as a closet, and powered remotely with a ChannelPlus modulator or the model 2010 wall plate

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