Outdoor Bell & Box 12VDC_1

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Price: $54.95
Part #: ABB1033
Manufacturer: Potter Signal
Mfr Part #: ABB1033
• Low current motor driven bell (60mA at 12V DC)
• 2 reed tamper switches (PSW-1) for outer covers, inner baffle plate, and back of box
• 12V DC operating voltage
• Durable, weather resistant powder coating paint
• Suitable for use with most control panels
• Evenly spaced louvers for a higher sound output
• Exterior color: Beige

The ABB-1033 box is constructed of steel with a durable beige powder coating fi nish to prevent corrosion. It operates on 12V DC and draws
a low 60mA. The ABB-1033 implements an exclusive low current patented motor driven bell mounted to a removable inner baffl e plate and
generates a sound output of 85 dB at 10 ft. in the open fi eld. Two reed plunder switches (PSW-1) are designed into the bell box to provide complete tamper protection.

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