Open Delivery Aluminum Extension Pole

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Price: $179.95
Part #: N59
Manufacturer: National Safety Products
Mfr Part #: N59
Extension Devices enable you to reach even the highest, most remote smoke detectors quickly and easily without the use of ladders. These devices consist of two units: the Head Tube, which grips and triggers the aerosol can; and the Extension Arm, which serves to extend the range of testing operations. This versatile set of accessories allows you to test the smoke detectors at elevations of 10 to 34 feet (3m.-11m). Use with N-30-Head

50" Extensions Poles for use with N-30 Dispenser
Up to (5) N-59 can be used with N-30 Dispenser to reach a maximum of 34ft
Not compatible with Enclosed Delivery Equipment
Remove Cap from base of N-30 and insert rod at top of N-59 into base of the N-30. Slide trigger on N-59 to activate aerosol
Up to (5) N-59 units can be added to a N-30 for additional reach, by removing cap at bottom of N-59 by inserting the rod into the bottom of the N-59 and turning clockwise until tight.
Always use the trigger on the bottom N-59 unit to activate the aerosol.