Mini-Board Camera 9-12VDC with pigtails

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Price: $89.95
Part #: V
Manufacturer: VisionTech
Mfr Part #: V


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The VB4B and VC7B miniature cameras use a standard lens for enhanced low-light operation. The cameras are housed in metal enclosure which is approx. 1 1/4" x 1 1/4". A U-shaped bracket attaches to the back of the housing and allows the camera to be mounted quickly and easily. A 6 inch video wire (with a BNC connector) and a UL listed power supply included.

The smaller the mm number, the wider the view. The higher the mm number, the more 'zoom' you will have. Typically, in a room 15' x 15' the standard lens of 3.6mm will give a wall to wall view. Email us to discuss the proper lens choice.