Key Safe

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Price: $39.95
Part #: 1371CLAY
Manufacturer: Interlogix (formerly GE)
Mfr Part #: 1371CLAY
Key safe mounts to the outside of your home or business and allows persons who know the combination access to the keys you place inside. A better solution than the Knock-Box(tm), because you control the access. Code can be changed anytime by you.

This is great if you have an alarm and first responders need access because of fire, flood, or medical emergencies. Just let your Central Station know the combination and under what circumstances they are allowed to give out the code.

Or, if you lock yourself out, this is a great way to always have a key to get in!

We only stock the Clay Color. We recommend this item to all of our alarm customers-this is a must have device to prevent entry damage.