High Headroom RF DistibutionAmplifier with 5 Volt IR

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Price: $269.95
Part #: DA820HHR
Manufacturer: Channelplus
Mfr Part #: DA820HHR
This Model has three inputs, one from off-air antenna or CATV and two from ChannelPlus 5400, 5500, or SVM series modulators. The DA-550HHR is used with antenna applications for off-air digital and NTSC signals.
This Model can be powered locally with its included power supply or remotely from up to 75 feet away by using an in-wall power injector wall plate Model 2010 or any 5500 series or SVM series modulator.
This Model features optional IR control of connected video sources and whole house IR integration with a built-in 5-volt IR engine. Model 2133 set-top IR targets connect between the amplifier outputs and the television sets. IR emitters connected to the amplifier, or to a 5500 or SVM series IR enabled modulator connected to the amplifier, will repeat the IR remote control signals back to the video source component.

• 54 MHz to 1 GHz forward bandwidth
• 3 dB nominal gain on TV outputs
• Maximum input level 20 dBmv
• Can be used in locations without electrical access and powered remotely with a ChannelPlus modulator or the Model 2010 wall plate
• 6.5" W x 1.25" H x 4.5 D"