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Compact Disc Changer

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Price: $349.95
Part #: CDC3
Manufacturer: Bogen Communications
Mfr Part #: CDC3

Three Draw CD Changer
Liquid Crystal Display Showing
Memory Operating Indicator
Random Indicator
Repeat indicator
One Mode/One Disc Mode/ALL Mode Indicator
Play Indicator
Disc Install Indicator
Disc Selection Indicator
Track Indicator
Disc Time Indicator
Load or Remove Disc(s) Without Interrupting Play
Stereo and Mono Output (Excellent for 70v paging systems requiring background music)
Integral Rack Mount (Two rack spaces high)
Play Each Track of a Single Disc or All Discs Installed For 10 SecondsMemory Clear Feature
Scan Buttons
Volume Control
Random Play Button
Repeat Play Button
Display Sequencing Button
Stop/Play/Pause Buttons
Individual Disc Eject Buttons
Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3 Tray Button
Three Individual Running Time Displays:1) The amount of time remaining on the track being played 2) The amount of time elapsed on the track being played 3) The remaining time left on the disc in its entirety

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