Cable Pass Through Finish Plate

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Price: $4.95
Manufacturer: MidLite
Mfr Part #: R1SPW

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Universal Cable Pass Thru & Wall Anchor System - 2" Hole

*NOTE: If ordering any other color than White, the minimum piece order is FIVE and allow 1-4 weeks for delivery.

  • Use for any Low Voltage Cabling, A/ V, Telecom, Data, Networking
  • Ideal for : Sound Bars & Wall Speakers Home Theater Cabling A/ V Furniture

    The SPEEDPORT™ is the first universal cable pass thru, fastening and wall anchor system. The SPEEDPORT™ is incredibly versatile and is ideal for wall mounted box speakers, sound bars and wireless access devices mounted in ceilings.
It can accommodate almost any device needed to be hung on a wall or ceiling with cable pass thru and mounting. The ultra low profile design features a rubber grommet insert for bulk cable pass thru. Two mounting screws are hidden behind the grommet and offer a clean, unobtrusive presentation.

Installation is quick and simple using a hole saw and attaches to acoustical ceiling tiles and/ or gypsum board. Low voltage brackets are no longer needed - reducing labor and a whole lot of mess from hand cutting large rectangular holes. Just cut your hole in the desired location, insert SPEEDPORT™ and tighten adjustable mounting arms to fasten securely.

Unmatched versatility, ease of installation and its cost/ labor reducing features make the SPEEDPORT™ the ideal solution for your cable pass thru and mounting needs.

Hole Size 1.5'' (Diameter)
Dimensions: 4.51x2.75x0.25"

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