6 and 12VDC Battey Tester

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Price: $399.95
Part #: ACT-GOLD-Plus
Manufacturer: Misc_1
Mfr Part #: Act-Gold-Plus
Test the most common lead acid battery types all from the one, GOLD PLUS unit. Standby SLA, cyclic GEL and car FLOODED – the GOLD PLUS tests both 6V and 12V models quickly and displays Ah capacity available. It’s adaptable, simple to use and affordable.

Simply turn the Ah Calibration Control to select either standby SLA, cyclic GEL and car FLOODED battery types prior to testing. The Calibration Control also allows you to calibrate the battery tester to non standard battery types.

For 6V & 12V battery models
Test 6V battery models between 1.2Ah and 12Ah, and 12V battery models between 1.2Ah and 100Ah. With a wide Ah range, the GOLD PLUS is ideal for testing batteries used in many applications from security, mobility to leisure.

Simple Operation
Connect the clamps to the battery, turn the Ah Calibration Control to the desired battery type under test and press the ‘TEST’ button. It’s that easy. Results will be displayed within seconds.

DC Voltage and Ah Capacity Results
There’s no confusing conversion rates or user interpretation needed when using the GOLD PLUS. Two results are displayed – the battery’s DC voltage followed by the actual Ah capacity available.

When to Recharge or Replace
Battery manufacturers recommend to recharge or replace a battery when its rated Ah capacity falls below 65%. By giving a clear and accurate Ah reading, the GOLD PLUS will help you identify replacements quickly and easily.

Advanced Pulse Load Technology
The GOLD PLUS uses advanced pulse load technology to analyse Ah capacity, based on the battery’s temperature and state of charge. This method is significantly more accurate than measuring voltage and internal resistance and does not deplete the battery unlike a conventional load tester.

Reliable, Continuous Testing
Powered by the battery under test and with ultra low heat generation.

Perfectly suited as a bench tester or out on the job with the engineer.

Identify batteries that still have life remaining and reduce the amount discarded unnecessarily.

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